Ask PG & FP
Firenze! Tyson! How old are you two?

Like 4

Tyson what girl do you like?

Good evening, can I interest you in my product? It’s called “Evil Poison Bites Death”. It will provide your business with a wholesome-attractive image of Hunson Abadeer’s anus that it soooo desperately needs!


W HY?? ?

Do you think green is a creative color

((Yes I do

In fact, it’s my favorite color

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You guys are ENGAGED!! AHHHH CONGRATS!! <3 <3 <3 Soooo, what do your kids think of it? :o

"Thank you! Hehe, they don’t really understand what the big deal is"

A package arrives at the palace. There was a note in it. "My informants told me about the engagement. So here's an engagement gift. I felt like the new couple could use some new treats. - Richard.". The box contained several lost recipe books of precious baked sweets. Plus some fireproof jewelry. There was another note in the bottom "If you were expecting Flame Kings head then you don't know me that well. Happy engagement! - Richard."


i like this ship but i just CANT see them together i just can see fp with finn sorry

((Okidoke man))


  1. Firedrop babysitting Tyson and Firenze. Gumflame returning the favor a few years later, babysitting (left to right) Alazne, Kai, and Isa.
  2. water!Flame Princess and Cordelia stuff. Surprise first concept of my little bubbly dork and her sister. (Also I gave Cordelia’s clothes in the full body one, the color scheme of Flora King whoops. the ship is strong.)
  3. fire!Cordelia and Flame Princess stuff. I don’t like drawing FP with a crown that much man;;; It looks weird to me still. And Blooming Bubbles drama. She’s not the best at controlling her flames. I FORGOT TO GIVE FK NIPPLES;;
Pg,do you love Fp? Are you gonna marry her?

"Yes to both"

"PG, PG, I heard there was a Party soon , can I help?". "Not to brag or anything but Im kinda the leader of party kingdom, just saying"

"Yeah apparently there’s going to be a ball I should take Flame Princess to, but these days I don’t have much time to throw anything together so you’re more than welcome to take full control of the event”

willing to do anything


((It feels kind of rushed some places, and the dialogue and such is far from the best I’ve written but I don’t think I’ve worked this hard on a comic in quite some time now so I hope you enjoy it <3))




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"So in this universe Bubba and Fp are..."

"Engaged haha, yes, odd isn’t it?"

Hey,ya'll! You wanna know somethin'? PG is gonna ask you to night to a date. FP get ready for the ball!

"So you’re inviting us both to a ball? Or did you just feel like sending us out? either way, I’M REALLY EXCITED, we could use a night out!”

" well... There is something he might be planning... Something that would turn this world into a graveyard.. He might try and resurrect his master " gorios stammered

He has a master? Do I even want to know?